Dell Latitude E6400 Shutdown Problem


Your Latitude laptop cannot be shut down or restarted at all when on docking station model Standard E-Port Replicator. It shuts down without the docking station though. The typical behavioral pattern is as follows: you start the laptop with a mounted E-Port Replicator after that unmount/undock, then mount the laptop back again and try to shut down or restart it.

Most probably you have a built in Webcam on the laptop’s display. Because of compatibility issues between the Dell’s Integrated Webcam driver and the E-Port Replicator a shutdown or restart of the Laptop is not possible.

This solution applies only to models Latitude E6400 or E4200 connected to a Standard E-Port Replicator!

Rollback of Dell’s driver to the Microsoft Generic Webcam driver:

In Device Manager (Gerätemanager) -> Imaging Devices (Bildbearbeitungsgeräte ) -> Integrated Webcam -> Properties (Eigenschaften)
-> Driver (Treiber) -> Rollback Driver (Installierter Treiber)

After this step the Driver Info should look like this and Laptop should shut down and restart normally


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