Let’s talk iPhone

(Or when the baklava hits the fan)


It was so annoying obvious, so daylight clear, that I’m rather surprised to see thousands of doubtful conversational guesses: What’ll be the big news in Cupertino’s Camp?

Well obviously enough it will be iPhone 5, but the quarrels and bets about the underlying new technology start from there. To save your time – this will be the voice recognition Assistant based on Siri, bought around a year ago by Apple. Who doesn’t trust me and has her/his own interpretation of the infamous slogan feel free to comment here under two circumstances: a) the proposed big-hit-technology must be well defined and unique from the other bets & b) the one that wins the bet gets 10$ from e.o. who commented else here J

For those who are exaggeratedly screaming ‘who wants that, I’ve never used this, t’is so stupid’, here is my second answer: no one needs your bloody opinion. As soon as the baklava hits you are going to eat it and queue 24-more hours to get hands on the magic box. And on top of that you are going to love it and be overwhelmed by the grace of God of the Garden of Apples when His marketing brainwashes you saying that this revolutionary technology was invented from Him.

So enough speaking to the masses, the slogan for October 4th should be read: Let’s talk, iPhone. Or rather Let’s talk, Assistant.

PS: I am in no way connected to Apple, neither as an employee nor as a customer. My opinion here is based merely on experience.

PPS: Below I will give you the backgrounds why much more people are NOT going to by iPhone 5. In this perspective I am not opening a discussion, so don’t waste your time arguing: I will mercifully erase such attempts.

With that said, the rest, listen then: Figuratively speaking, if we are comparing a tractor with a Ferrari it is clear what would be the better vehicle on the highway from A to B. But if there is no highway from C to D I’d still prefer the tractor. And if anyone else – like Samsung at IFA 2011 – is building a new highway from C to D I could have preferred buying a Porsche instead. At IFA 2011 the baklava once again hit the fan with Apple’s injunction, but for me this time it wasn’t edible: this arrogant policy was way out; it is in my eyes not legitimate to boycott building a second highway only because you built the first one. I’d prefer sticking to the tractor then, instead of submitting to the A to B highway. Translated this means that despite the fact that voice recognition software could be break even technology, not each and every one will adhere to Apple’s lifestyle and furthermore many rationally thinking people will be disgusted when Apple starts a war with offspring OEMs using alleged patent infringements. In recent days there is no single-sided technology invention: neither the touch screen, nor the tablets, not the voice recognition are genuinely Cupertino’s ideas, the guys there merely implemented and marketed them astoundingly well, but they have no right to acclaim anything beyond that!


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