AD Replication Status Tool killed

Once again our beloved Microsoft Company took care of us sysadmins to not get bored around Christmas. If you have tried to run the Active Directory Replication Status Tool (ADREPLSTATUS) recently you could have noticed that it simply stopped working with the nasty error pop-up:

“The License has expired”

Note the capital letter L! Not ANY license. THE (ultimate) License. Shenanigans!

The problem hides within the license.conf file where – BEHOLD – Feature Expiration=”2012-12-08T21:39:37.7614384-08:00″ Name=”CoreEngine”/>, etc. can be found. The problem is – the file is signed, it wouldn’t do you any good to change the DateTime values there. I am quite certain I didn’t agree upon any expiration when installing…

And since on the official resource page

you CANNOT leave a comment (and, no, there is NO new version as of 12/09/2012) I decided to post this problem here, probably some of you, dear colleagues, has better connections to the bastion of nitwits there. Until then feel free to brush up your REPADMIN and DCDIAG command line memory.