Cannot login to microsoftonline

I just received an electric shock!

If you are trying to sign in with your Live ID account to or (update: sites you will not be able to do so!!! The occurrence is already listed here.

Matter-of-factly if your Live ID has a google domain you will be advised to logon at google. Ridiculous!!!

Here is a successful login at where you CANNOT change your username since it is your primary email address of contact

And here is what happens if you try to login with the same account at

Allegedly your only possibility is to sign in using an Office 365 account in form of or where “contoso” is the name of your company. And the “new” credentials are used for all Office 365 services. NOW my two questions are: what about the Office 365 Home and Home Premium users that don’t have a company name. And second but most important what about the SkyDrive accessibility? Since SciDrive Pro is a “sub-product” of Sharepoint 2013 and the latter is a part of the new Office 365 services, does this mean, I will need an additional account to sync my files via SkyDrive the way I synced them with Live Mesh?

If any of my apprehensions here are even slightly possible my earnest outcry would be: Hello, MS Product Managers are you all gone demented or did you simply experience a long bad hangover after the weekend?

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