checking incoming server settings last resort


You are receiving a message “checking incoming server settings” on an Android device when adding an account for an Exchange Mail server. The event times out and no connection is established.

Quick fix of last resort:

If you are sure all other prerequisites are met (see below) make sure that you are connecting from a 3G connection, not from a WiFi. This is to say that your SIM card is active and you are using the correct carrier.


For some unknown reason establishing an ActiveSync relationship on an Android goes only over 3G/4G connections. Later sync process doesn’t need that and works perfectly well over a WiFi.

Other Prerequisites in order of importance:

  • Firewall is correctly set (for every version of Exchange 2007 and above 443 is sufficient)
  • The user profile has ActiveSync status set to enabled
  • There are no ActiveSync policies on the Exchange server preventing certain users, groups, etc. from connecting
  • The server is up and available over OWA from outside the corporation
  • On Android you set up the account name in the form domainname\username (backslash important!)
  • On Android you set up the correct server address as (no https:// before and /owa or /exchange after that!)
  • On Android you activate the “server requires SSL connection” setting.

3 thoughts on “checking incoming server settings last resort

  1. I am trying for the very first time to set up an Adroid phone on an Exchange 2013 server. As their IT consultant, naturally I tried to log with my own (domain admin) account to test it. I got the error message which led me to this page. Believe it or not, domain admin accounts do NOT work out of the box, but ‘regular’ ones do! When I tried it with a regular user account it worked perfectly. It has something to do with permissions. Check out for more info.

      1. Dear Ali,
        if you have followed the steps in this article and nothing has helped you then there is a bigger problem, which I cannot resolve remotely. Please contact some Android community.

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