Shell Hardware Detection keeps stopping on Server 2012


Many blogs were written about this phenomenon but it took me three searches to really find the correct answer. Hopefully you landed here right by your first try 🙂

The symptoms:

On the Server Manager Dashboard there is a ‘red service’ warning. The service listed is the Shell Hardware Detection service on one (or more) remote server(s). The issue is, after Server 2008 R2 (i.e. Server 2012 and above) this service is only run when a user has logged in either via RDP or console. The official link:

This means that you can simply ignore this. Really? Of course NOT! The red service warning is there to alarm you as soon as a vital service is down and not to distract you or later be forgotten when the s*** hits the fan. Bad, bad, bad for MS’s preliminary brilliant idea on this point. Luckily there is a workaround how to switch this warning specifically for this service off:

Go to All Servers / Services select the Services drop-down and uncheck Shell Hardware Detection.

That’s it.

PS: I just did a fast research on this service and discovered that this is the one that takes care of the AutoPlay function by removable devices ( Since for an AD environment this is a big no-no, normally regulated by a GPO preventing AutoPlay on any type of removable device, I think that you can securely disable or at least turn it to a manual start: this efficiently banns it out of the Dashboard red services warnings as well.

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