Essentials 2012 R2 Hyper-V Shuts Down Weekly

Despite the fact that Microsoft has given a green light to licensing Hyper-V under Server 2012 R2 Essentials, it is still a pain in the neck of getting it running smoothly. After a recent blog about installing ONLY the Hyper-V role here, I was confronted with another bug.

The short story:

Once a week our IT environment would lose the connection to the Essentials Server and I would find that the Hyper-V beneath it is switched down. After a short check in the event logs the following sequence was eye-catching.

Under ‘Administrative Events’: Event 14100, Hyper-V-VMMS, Shut down physical computer. Stopping/saving all virtual machines…

What? Why? We go to the ‘System’ Windows Logs to find at almost the same time a System Event ID 1074 testifying: The process C:\Windows\system32\silsvc.exe [computername] has initiated the power off of computer [computername] on behalf of user NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM for the following reason: No title for this reason could be found. Comment: Licensing Compliance Service caused a shutdown. Please look at the events under Microsoft > Windows > Server Infrastructure Licensing > Operational for details.

Wrong of course, but OK, at least there is a hint where I should look for, thanks for this, whoever wrote the code!

We go under ‘Server Infrastructure Licensing’ Event Logs and observe Event 38 stating: The Non-domain Member Check detected a condition in your environment that is out of compliance with the licensing policy.

As well as Event 57: The Non-domain Member Check policy detected a condition in your environment that is out of compliance with the licensing policy. This server can only be in a workgroup or be a domain controller.

Gee you must’a be kiddin’, boy. We are logged in on the hypervisor, NOT the domain controller virtual machine. A hypervisor to be a domain controller? Non-compliant? Nonsense!

Just to demonstrate what I mean, hear the overview of the Server Infrastructure Licensing logs from the hypervisor’s perspective:

And here one from the ‘real’ WSS 2012 R2 domain controller running as a VM on top of it:

Very well compliant ain’t it?

So through this final check I eliminate the option of Hyper-V communicating with the VM through a system bus, exchanging licensing information, and go looking for the ill-fated SILSVC service.

The problem with it is, you cannot simply stop or disable it, and do you dare on the first place, but that’s another long story worth a second blog.

So watch out for it 🙂

Update: here is the workaround.

5 thoughts on “Essentials 2012 R2 Hyper-V Shuts Down Weekly

  1. Have you figured out a solution to this? I’m simply stumped on how this could be implemented in this way. Surely if the license allows it it should right out of the box.

    1. Hi Jamie, yes, there is an answer: my blog called How to disable Server Infrastructure Licensing Service. I simply forgot to link them, which I will remediate asap.

      1. Thanks!! Looks good, I’ll have a go at it. Looks like a temporary solution that may become permanent. 😉

      2. Thanks again! Rebooted and the service has not returned to no ill effect. So far so good! 🙂

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