Windows Phone 8.1 for Lumia 620 released in Europe



Just upgraded my Lumia 620 from WP8 to WP8.1 The current OS version reads 8.10.12393.890 and I guess there will be more updates coming soon. I like the 620 model because it is compact and has near field (my demands were to have a functional phone and not XXL chocolate or ninja weapon).

Please check Nokias web page for the update status: I was lucky to be on Vodafone Germany and got firmware # 3058.50000.1425.0008. Telekom for example still hasn’t released its firmware.

This is a nice feeling to know that your 1+1/2 year old hardware is still supported. Not like the Phone 7 disaster. Or like many Android phones that are released with one firmware and that’s it – go for a hardware purchase in 2 years if you need the current OS version.

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