Bitdefender RescueCD requires username password



Bitdefender RescueCD versions 2011 to 2014 randomly require username and password to login to rescuecd.unknown_domain computer console, as described in this blog.



Unknown to the author. The same CD or USB thumb drive start automatically on other computer systems.



Type for username livecd and leave the password empty. After a successful login type startx to start the GUI.


13 thoughts on “Bitdefender RescueCD requires username password

      1. hey i have a problem after i type startx i get a fatal server error and i get some information and come back to give in the command startx

      2. Hi Florian, what does the error description say? You can google around based on the output. Usually this is caused by an exotic GPU that is missing the proper drivers.

      3. HI,
        I am running a gtx 970
        this is the log what rescue_cd spits out after i type in startx
        xauth: file/home/liveccd/.serverauth.5555 doesnot exist
        xauth: file/home/livecd/.Xauthority does not exist
        than it give me some information about a server and than
        fatal server error
        (ee) failed to create screen resources (ee)
        (ee) server termitated with error 1 closing log
        xinit giving up
        xinit unable to connect to server; connection refused
        xinit server error

  1. Tush! 970 had some problems with linux because of incorrect memory specs. If you have two monitors connected, disconnect the second. Also check that you are using the current version (May 2015). Anything else is beyond my knowledge: I am even not quite sure which distribution the guys from BD are currently using; earlier it was Knoppix. Simply ask them directly 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for the info. I needed to disinfect a server (with a very standard motherboard, plenty of RAM, no fancy GPU etc) and rand into this problem. The only info on the BitDefender site I found, was to ensure that it had at least 512mb RAM. Useless! Your info got me up and running. Many thanks

  3. That info helped me as well, Thank you. Do you know if this rescue disk can remove ransom ware? The kind that encrypts files? I know it won’t decrypt the files, but will it at least keep the virus from doing more damage?

    1. Hello Jay, I have no information about this so far. But I presume that it is possible – since the scan engine of the installed version did block such malware for me.

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